Hi Conflict! Bye Conflict!

How To Get Teams To Collaborate Despite Conflict

Rohan Singal

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Rohan Singal

"In conflict lies the key to authentic relationships."

About The Book

In Hi Conflict! Bye Conflict! Rohan Singal shares with you a simple and proven framework for turning any conflict into collaboration. This framework will help you create collaborative, authentic teams who channelize their energy towards top performance. Using this knowledge, you will be able to empower your teams to resolve conflicts themselves, instead of escalating or letting them fester. It will thus free your time and mind space for bigger goals and new ideas.

The framework can be used to build enriching, joyful, and open relationships, not only at work but also at the personal level.

This book is for business leaders. It facilitates a paradigm shift in thinking and approach on how to engage in difficult conversations. It integrates empathy, authenticity, and respect to create an authentic dialogue in any situation.

This book also includes Rohan’s interviews with successful leaders, and their insights on how to transform unresolved conflicts to collaborative relationships.

Virtual Book Launch on 24 April 2021

In this book, you will learn

  • Why conflict happens
  • Why people avoid confrontations
  • Cost of avoiding the conflict
  • Why is conflict an opportunity
  • Benefits of engaging in and resolving conflict
  • How to empower your team to resolve conflicts without you
  • Tips from successful leaders on handling conflicts
  • Step-by-step methodology to resolve any conflict using E.A.R (Empathy, Authenticity, and Respect) framework
  • Real-life stories of diffusing conflicts with E.A.R- based authentic dialogue

“Authenticity is sharing your anger and anxiety, keeping an even tone instead of acting it out.”

why business leaders should read this

  • Team’s collaborative energy unleashed
  • Healthy environment of ownership, openness, and trust
  • Self-managing, result-driven teams
  • Faster conflict resolution leading to energies channelized towards top performance
  • Teams resolving conflicts without escalation
  • Free time and mind space to focus on bigger goals and new ideas
  • Increased authenticity in relationships – professional and personal

"You may have the best airplane in the world, but if it crash lands, it is of no use. Same way, your communication and ideas are of value only when they land properly for the listener."

leader interviews featured
in the book

Amit Jain

L’Oréal India

Anantha Radhakrishnan

Infosys BPM ltd

Anil Nair

Former CEO & Managing partner
L & K Satchi and Satchi

Anurag Bhatnagar

Leela Group of hotels

Bharat Puri

Pidilite Industries Ltd

Bhargav Dasgupta

ICICI Lombard

Dilip Puri

Founder & CEO
Indian School of Hospitality

Gopal Jain

MD & Co-founder
Gaja Capital

Junsuke (John) Koike

Executive officer & Regional Executive for India & Sri Lanka
MUFG Bank Ltd

Mahesh Madhavan

Bacardi Limited

Nishith Desai

Nishith Desai & Associates

Pooja Dhingra


Prakash Iyer

Motivation speaker, author & ex CEO
Kimberly Clark Lever

Pralay Mondal

Catholic Syrian Bank Ltd.

Rajiv Sabharwal

Tata Capital

Sahil Barua

CEO & Co-Founder

Samit Ghosh

Ujjivan Small Finance Bank Ltd. & Ujjivan Financial Services Ltd.

Sandeep Kataria

Global CEO
Bata India

Sudhanshu Vats

Essel Propack Limited

Tarun Chugh

Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance

Vikram Bhatt

Founder & Director
Enrich Salons


Rohan Singal is a leadership collaboration specialist, trainer, and author. He has trained and mentored more than 5,000 individuals. He is an MBA from IIM Calcutta and BTech from IIT Delhi.

Rohan is on a Mission – '1 million A.B.I.' – to help more than a million lives to enhance Authenticity in relationships, Bring out their Best version, and boost inner Immunity.

He is the co-founder of Rejoiss Learning, a leadership training firm. He and his team help leaders globally to enhance their ownership of results and relationships; and transform conflict into collaboration.

In his 27 years of experience, he has played the roles of an employee, employer, consultant, and trainer. He has worked for ICICI Bank in project finance & treasury and with Proctor & Gamble in logistics. He has consulted with many reputed organizations and has also experienced a ‘start-up to sale’ cycle with a technology company as the co-founder.

After living most of his life avoiding conflict, confrontation, and criticism, he has discovered that in conflict and confrontation lies the key to authentic relationships and collaboration. His E.A.R. framework (diffusing conflict by an authentic dialogue with Empathy, Authenticity & Respect) has been successfully implemented by many organizations.

Follow him on his blog: http://www.rohansingal.com

Linkedin profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rohan-singal-b165a5

"To bridge the communication gap, build a road of Empathy on pillars of Respect. Only then you can reach the other person with your Authenticity."

Bonus Video Series

Power of Intent

Thoughts create reality. Brain can’t differentiate between actual event or visualized event. We use this power of the brain to visualize progressive intents for our life. Your inner thoughts turn into vibes and reach everyone. We use this to create a laser like effectiveness by aligning intent, thoughts and actions.

"Power of Intent” is the need of the hour. It is critical for everyone to connect with this original gift that all of us have. This can help us handle all challenging situations with power and poise.it is not about our background or situation, it is about our belief and state of being that can turn any challenge. In this series I have shared simple practical ways to access this gift. The series includes how it works, how to create an intent, experiences shared by senior leaders, mastermind coaching session recordings and many short exercises to learn this concept.

This video series has 28 videos of 12 hours duration.

Buying this book entitles you to a FREEone-month access to the "Power of Intent" Video series.


“Rohan shares a simple and proven framework for turning any conflict into collaboration.”

Rohan has written a must read primer for anyone considering empowering their teams to step up and resolve conflicts with a spirit of collaboration. He recognises the challenges and dilemma in focusing on both performance and relationships. With this astute understanding of leadership, business and relationships, Rohan keeps us focused on priceless contribution - growing others without compromising one’s own goals.

I have seen first-hand how Rohan’s workshops with my Bacardi team has changed their approach to challenges, both at a personal and professional level. Thought becomes action is no longer just an adage at Bacardi but a way of life. With the constructive thinking & positive intent mindset, our teams have led some of the fastest growth for the company.

Hi Conflict! Bye Conflict! is a deceptively simple book that offers an authentic dialog framework. I recommend it to anyone willing to engage in conflict from a higher perspective - with empathy, authenticity and respect. This book will inspire you to bring your best self to work and you are sure to see the effects trickle into your personal life.

  • Mahesh Madhavan
  • CEO, Bacardi Limited